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Carrfields Irrigation are the exclusive partners of IRTEC Irrigation in the South Island of New Zealand

IRTEC Irrigation has a highly specialised staff, operating within a modern and well-organised structure, providing constant training and support to the Carrfields Irrigation team. They have constantly re-invested in modern production machinery, tools and store infrastructure.

Pivot Irrigators

The IRTEC pivot solutions utilise a maintenance free mechanical seal system at the centre point and the i-CAN control system that comes standard on every machine.

This system utilises a single transmission bus, meaning that there are no other wiring requirements for extra options, reducing optional extra costs.

The whole pivot is modular in multiples of 6m and 12m sections, taking the guess work out of span lengths and parts ordering in future.

Spans are connected using a collapsible rubber coupling with a 2 piece aluminium outer shell making boot changes effortless.

IRTEC pivots come with a 2 year warranty and our team are equipped to maintain and service these products on site.

Hard Hose Guns

IRTEC has manufactured hose reel machines since 1978 and has always been recognized, both in Italy and internationally, for the production of high-quality machinery. Carrfields Irrigation is proud to partner with IRTEC in New Zealand.

They provide a range of water powered hose reel irrigation machines. The range constitutes 25 basic structures from which a wide range of models can be configured. These various models accommodate polyethylene pipe that range in diameter from 40mm to 160mm and 820 metres in length. Rewind speeds can be controlled by straight forward mechanical means or by more sophisticated computer controlled methods.