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Moisture Scout

Soil moisture and weather monitoring solution

The Moisture Scout product range offers cost-effective soil monitoring solutions that help inform management decisions. The products offer real-time soil moisture and temperature monitoring, which is used to improve irrigation and fertiliser management. This allows resources to be utilized more efficiently for environmental compliance and greater farm profitability. Moisture Scout packages are easy to install and have an intuitive web interface that offers straightforward operation. The system uses a tapered soil probe that is installed with minimal soil disturbance and does not require a slurry for direct soil contact. This results in quick settling times and accurate results. The probe uses capacitance sensors at multiple depths to give detailed information about water extraction from the root zone and irrigation depth.

Other benefits include:

  • Low ongoing costs
  • Intuitive irrigation scheduling
  • Meeting farm environment plan (FEP) best practice
  • Minimise nutrient loss and reduce fertiliser costs
  • Easy to use phone app and website
  • Proven probe technology that has been benchmarked against industry-standard technology (Neutron Probe).
  • Integration with Regen NZ and FarmIQ

Moisture Scout products are modular and can be fully customised to meet your needs. They can also be connected to your existing probes that include Sentek, Decagon, EnviroPro, Meter, Aquacheck, Watermark.








Weather Scout

weather monitoring solution

The Weather Scout system that remotely monitors climate conditions to give you real-time, localised, weather information. From basic to advanced, the system can be fully customised to suit any farming operation. The advanced station automatically calculates potential evapotranspiration, vapour pressure deficit (VPD), growing degree days, and chilling units. Disease modelling, weather forecasting, wind direction, soil moisture monitoring and frost detection can also be added.


Aqua Scout

Precise depth measurement of liquids in storage tanks and ponds

Aqua Scout uses a robust submersible sensor that precisely measures pond and tank levels. The Aqua Scout system can be purchased as a complete unit or the sensor can be added to an existing Moisture or Weather Scout product.


Eye Scout

Crop monitoring cameras

Eye Scout is a range of high-resolution cameras that can be used for remote crop monitoring. The Eye Scout was originally developed for orchards where it has been successfully used to track and measure fruit size/development. The system also has wider applications for monitoring crop growth stage and maturity. There are three variants; wide angle (panorama), zoom, and dual (both wide angle and zoom cameras).


Insect Scout

insect monitoring solution

Insect Scout is a range of advanced insect traps that are equipped with high-resolution cameras. This enables the traps to remotely monitor insect populations and activity. The system uses artificial intelligence with advanced imagery analysis to identify different insect species and count the numbers of trapped insects. The Insect Scout acts as a decision support tool for growers that apply pesticides to their crops. There are three variants; bug, fruit fly, and pheromone.


Disease Scout

Crop disease monitoring solution

Disease Scout uses weather parameters such as leaf wetness and relative humidity to predict crop disease risk and severity. This gives growers more confidence to assess crop fungicide requirements and also allows remote monitoring by industry support staff (e.g. agronomists). Disease Scout currently has more than 80 disease models over 40 crops.